corporate artexperientialprojection

CLIENT: Canon US Corp
LOCATION: Melville, NY
PARTNERS: Milgo Bufkin, Display Presentations, Robot Repair, Christopher Henry Gallery

ICOSI/DODECA was commissioned for the Canon USA showroom within their newly constructed New York campus headquarters. It forms part of their creative showcase, demonstrating how artists and creative professional leverage Canon’s diverse products. 

The sculpture forms a central focus point of the showroom, creating a moment of light and space set apart from the surrounding product showcases. The projection content is a seamless 10-minute sequence of evolving geometric animations, mapped to the triangular faces of the sculpture. An ambient soundscape accentuates the visual metamorphosis and creates an enveloping multisensory experience.

The steel sculpture is seven feet in diameter and sits on a raised mirrored acrylic platform. Video projection is accomplished with an array of eight projectors from Canon’s high-end ‘REALiS’ series. Video content plays in real-time and was programmed using Touch Designer software running on custom-built media servers.