Coach Rogue Pop-Up

brand activationexperiential

LOCATION: Shanghai, China

As part of Coach’s campaign to relaunch their iconic Rogue bag, we created a unique interactive experience displayed on an oversized three-dimensional Rogue bag. This branded experience takes center stage in Coach's retail pop-up located in the atrium of Shanghai’s David City mall.

This larger-than-life physical sculpture of Coach’s Rogue bag is wrapped in LED video tiles on both sides. Coach’s Forever II campaign videos are seen on one side. On the other side of the bag, our dynamic, engaging digital experience is showcased -- an interactive experience that responds to the presence and movements of visitors. The interactive playspace we developed is filled with signature Rogue stitching patterns, creature rivets and colorful logo animations. A visitor’s motion creates a beautiful, responsive digital aura with the space while Coach’s signature creatures follow the visitor’s movement.